Thursday, July 14, 2011

Me, Confirmed!

As an adult we all have to face certain truths about ourselves. For instance, I like being in charge and HATE feeling "left out".

This week we lost power for 30 hours after a major storm. Being without power, in the heat, made me face, or reconfirmed, some truths about myself.

1. I can NOT stand inconsiderate people. I dedicate this revelation to the single woman who sat in Panera, for the full hour we were eating, with 3 electronic devices plugged in, playing solitaire on your computer, at a 4 person table with out so much as a drink in front of her.

2. I am creature of comfort. I LOVE my air conditioning. I don't like humidity. I am an indoor cat.

3. Technology is addictive. Throughout our time with out power, I mentally changed my facebook status about every hour. I really wanted to vent my frustrations and see what was happening with other friends. I couldn't... It was actually tougher than I though it would be.

4. I will never have a clean home. Hours and Hours with no distractions... no tv, internet, radio, nothing. I could have done lots of the cleaning things I always put off. Showers, kitchen floor, shake out the rugs, clean the leather couch. I did none of those. I read a book.

5. I am a lucky girl and need to work on being grateful more often. So many people near us had severe damage and some are still without power more than 3 days later. We didn't lose a single tree branch or roof shingle. My family, immediate and extended, are all safe and sound. Amen!

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