Thursday, October 07, 2010

Babies should just talk already!

I had a very scary moment a little while ago. The daycare called, and when I didn't pick up my cell phone, they called the school secretary to come find me. THAT, is never good.

I called right back and they told me that Chase had been crying for the better part of an hour. He didn't want his pacifier, wouldn't drink his milk, and only picked at his foods. AND, the clincher, he was pulling on his ears. SO, I found someone to cover my last class of the day and raced over to pick him up.

In the 30-35 minutes that took me, they had taken him on a buggy ride, which calmed him a little, and taken him outside to play, which he loves. Now we are at home together and he is eating, drinking, and happy.

We are still going to the 1:00 doctors appt. since I made hem squeeze him in based only on what the daycare center reported. They will think I am some kind of crazy but we're off....

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