Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feedback Please

A group of coworkers all agree that they want to do something together, say, sponsor a needy family or two. Then, one person becomes the point person. That one person is always the point person, but has made a point of asking for more help on previous projects. This project, she doesn't ask for help specifically, but hints at needing it. She gets marginal assistance, more than usual, so clearly the coworkers got the hint. She ends up taking care of every detail and planning point her damn self! No one even checks to see if it's getting done. They just don't ever think about it, or let her know they've thought about it.

Can she be mad?

If you scream at a tree in the woods, will it fall down on your least favorite coworker?


momof2blondegirls said...

You have every right to angry! That is my biggest pet peeve when people commit to something and don't follow through.

Jamie said...

Dude. These "coworkers" of "the point person" suck. This "point person" needs to respond to their ideas with "if you want to take charge on this one, let's do it," and then ACTUALLY LET THEM FAIL. It's hard, but a necessary lesson.