Monday, July 21, 2008

Assvice central!

Also known as... how to give advice about something you (thankfully) know nothing about!

Saturday, after enjoying a lovely evening with my mom, dad, and sister, I received a frantic phone call from a friend. She wasn't even making sense at first. She babbled about not knowing who to talk to and she thought of me and she couldn't tell her mom...

I finally got her to just tell me!

That evening she'd found out her husband of almost 5 years had been cheating on her. She found some inappropriate text messages and photos on his phone. Turns out he'd been fooling around in some form or another (including everything) with a co-worker for almost 6 months.

She kicked him out of course, and is desperate to figure out what to do. They have 2 little girls (2 and 9 mo). He of course had to give a lame-ass reason... their sex life at home just wasn't hot anymore, it was like a job.


So anyway...
What do I say to that? I found myself saying stupid things like;
"Take it one day at a time."
"Write down what your feeling to get it off your chest."
"Try and sleep, you need to stay healthy."

Well, really, I just listen a lot but...What the heck should I say?
Can anyone help me here?

And to think, last week I was going to complain about my husband. Thank God for my boring little issues!

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Jamie said...

she needs to hire a lawyer IMMEDIATELY and document absolutely everything she saw. because YOU KNOW he's busy deleting absolutely everything he had on phone, email, etc.

From here on out, she only speaks to him through her lawyer. Period - no excuses. Whether or not the marriage ends in divorce, mediation, arbitration, family court, etc...she needs to do absolutely EVERYTHING by the book, no matter how heartbreaking it might be for her. The only way she can really protect those kids is to play by the rules.

This is just awful.