Wednesday, June 04, 2008

once again, just a nerd

So, last week some time I think I mentioned that I was running in an election at work for a new position. Maybe? I don't remember now and am too lazy to go back and check.

ANYWAY- I really wanted this new position because I already do a lot of the work, and I really care about the job, and it's more money. (It's one of those things I'd do on TOP of what I already do, not a new job). Unfortunately, our higher-ups felt that the staff should choose the person...

SO- an election! In which I had to submit lots of information about myself, in which I actually gave a "brief biography" when asked for it! My competitor, gave her whole stinkin' resume, so needless appeared more qualified than me! I didn't get it.

I feel like the prom queen runner up... just not quite good enough.


Jamie said...

well let's hope that the voting population is aware that a resume does not a "brief biography" make.

also, putting this type of thing to a vote? totally unprofessional, and ultimately, a popularity contest. stupid administrators.

Jo said...

I SOOOOOO agree!

The girl who got it doesn't do anything!!!!

I'm really unreasonably sad.

Sarah said...

A special administrator I know :-) would NEVER hold an election for a new position at the school. It isn't student government for God's sake. That is ridiculous and I am sorry you had to go through that.