Monday, October 22, 2007

Smarter than the average bear?

So this weekend, I went upstairs to see what Brianna was doing... up there by herself, for over 30 minutes.... I peeked around the corner and caught her unawares. She wasn't doing anything wrong, I just caught her by surprise.

She saw me, and said, "Damn It!"
I responded with awe, concern, and a very loud, "What did you just say?"
She looked a little sheepish and said questioningly, "Forget it!?!"

So here's my question: Does your 4 year old know how to lie and cover their tracks? Because mine sure as heck did! We spent the next 5 minutes... me trying to get her to repeat it, her trying not to make eye contact and think of anything else that would get her out of trouble. She finally admitted to it with a little grin, and spent 5 minutes in time-out willingly.

Seriously people... I don't even know where she got that one, REALLY! That's not a phrase Adam or I really use much. And we always do our best not to swear in front of the kids. Maybe daycare..... But with Brianna, it would only take one slip, she picks up on EVERYTHING! E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

I was not prepared for this!


Sarah Shepherd said...

Oh that's nothing Joey! Just kidding, but Gwen (2 at the time) was listening very well to her dad's movie. Q unaware of course of the content of the movie thinking his daughter was busy playing her catch the butterflies in the net game. She is very good at multitasking. Then out of the blue came "Vivi get the f*%*ing butterflies in your net! Yep, in perfect context! Great! Then as you experienced, the question, What did you say? and the response...NOTHING meanwhile after 5 minutes of asking and blaming on the cat, Vivian, and the Dog (which we don't have) she said she said the word. Oh my! Kids

Jamie said...

I'm sorry but this story made me laugh so DAMN loud! Hilarious!

I can only imagine (and consequently, fear) what my own children will say to me someday. Yikes.