Monday, June 06, 2005

All the News!

1. School is out! Hooray!!! I would totally go get a really good pitcher of daiquiris if I could!

2. I am now working on slower-than-a-turtle-stuck-in-an-ice-cube computer and will probably be posting less often than before. (as if that is even possible.)

3. It's a boy, or it's going to be a boy, but it already is a boy, it's just not born yet. What is the proper way to say that? I'm pregnant with a little boy who will be named Grant William. I am excited that he will be born after his sister who will hopefully teach him not to be a schmuck as he grows up. He won't learn most of it from his daddy so Brianna and I will have to teach him.

Must go nap now while I have the chance! (GOD, I love being a teacher in the summer.)



Jen said...

Congratulations! I just got a little girl, but she's really furry. I put a picture up on my site. So happy for you!
Jen Wood

Jamie said...

Who knows, Jo - maybe if you're lucky, Grant will be really furry as well! Here's hopin...j/k